Press Releases

Do you have a story worth sharing? Even the lamest information about your company can be made to sound interesting. And if the angle is attractive enough, it’ll more than likely get picked up by local (or even national) newspapers, radio or even TV.

If you need a helping hand to make your news sound irresistible to media, we will not only write your press releases, but we can put your story under the noses of the people who matter.


Love your company but don’t have time to tell your fans what’s going on? Let us take the hard work off your hands. Treat us like a dictation device and we’ll put your sexy voice onto paper for all your subscribers.

We’ll work closely with your web and design teams to ensure our copy incorporates relevant live links and logo/branding requirements to retain your authenticity. 


To be honest, if you’ve got a blog, it’s highly likely that you’re already writing it. But let’s face it, not everyone writes their own autobiographies…

We can’t write entirely on your behalf, but if you need a proofreading/editing hand, we’ll be more than happy to step in. 

For more information on the above services, please email